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Pocket Radar™ is the world's smallest full performance radar gun. This award-winning device delivers the same great accuracy and performance as other professional radar guns, at a fraction of the size and cost. Perfect for a wide variety of applications including traffic safety, R/C hobbies and running sports. Manual trigger: you time what you want to measure and when you want to measure it. (If you want to measure Ball Speeds then the Ball Coach™ radar is a better choice). Accurate to within +/- 1 mph, it gives over 10,000 readings on a single set of batteries. Includes a hardshell case, wrist strap, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, and an illustrated Quick Start Guide.
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Customer Reviews

Pocket Radar for Motorcycle Driving School
I'm driving instructor and since January European Community harmonized driving tests in all countries of Union. The Pocket Radar is very precise, it is important for me because I must take 3 measures of motorbikes on 2 different rounds with one moving away. It is very easy to use: one red button to take the speed, one black to read all speeds you took before. It is quite light to be used for hours without any pain in wrist. The Pocket Radar is a very good product.
Reviewed by:  from Near Chambord Castle, in France. - 3/25/2013

Agent / Scout / Pitching Coach
I bought a Pocket Radar 2 years ago and it has performed exceptionally. I used it exclusively in the PUERTO RICO INSTRUCTIONAL BASEBALL LEAGUE this winter and again it was great as I got many, many inquiries as to its price and how to get one. We played 33 games and our league was 49 days long. During those games, I was using it on our players and at 2 different games the other teams used the Stalker and the Stalker Sport. The Pocket Radar was within 1 MPH on every gunning alongside the Stalkers.
Reviewed by:  from Puerto Rico. - 3/17/2013

This is the best one on the market!! It was very accurate. I am a manager of a baseball team and I love this pocket radar. It work great for the pitching machine set up, batting cages and for the kids pitching. It is a item every ball player should have!!! Very easy to use!! If you need a speed radar gun , buy this one , you will be happy you did !!! The service i recieved from the president of the company was outstanding!!!!
Reviewed by:  from campbell ,ca.. - 4/29/2011

Great Product
I very much appreciate the level of service I have received from you, and my product. I used pocket radar here at "the Big A" right next to a Stalker Pro II Radar Gun that was purchased for over $1700.00 and was amazed! The accuracy of this Pocket Radar was dead on in comparison to the "Stalker" for 31 straight pitches with few readings after, being only 1mph off! even then I’m a bit skeptical on which gun was wrong... Anyhow thanks again!
Reviewed by:  from Anaheim. - 4/13/2011

Works Like A Charm
Pocket Radar is an amazing product, use it mostly for baseball pitching speed analysis. It works fantastic.
Reviewed by:  from Belle River. - 3/27/2011

Certified Legal Investigator
This device has been used for forensic data gathering. It proved to be reliable over a 100 measurent data set, easy to use and substantially less expensive than traditional radar guns. I plan on using this device in the future in a forensic capacity.
Reviewed by:  from Milwaukee, WI. - 3/16/2011

I love this gadget!
I bought it so I didn't look so obnoxious at my son's games. This thing looks just like a cell phone and does the job!
Reviewed by:  from Palm Beach, Fl. - 2/18/2011

Thanks Pocket Radar!
"Yesterday, I received my Pocket Radar. Everything went perfect with the delivery. Today I took it out for the first tests. I measured the speed of several model aircraft (my primary application). I am very impressed how well it worked!"
Reviewed by:  from Austria. - 9/9/2010

WOW,,, I was so impressed with how this works and the uses for our softball organization that I purchased two. No more big radar gun to time the pitcher or runners.
Reviewed by:  from Tulsa, Okla. . - 5/26/2010

Amazing instrument
The quality, simplicity, and accuracy of Pocket Radar is amazing. This might be of interest to owners of Pocket Radar. While reviewing radar calibration tuning forks I remembered I have a tone generator program on my computer. I sent some test frequencies to the Pocket Radar by holding the unit near the speaker and taking a reading. The unit read EXACTLY the speeds associated with the frequencies I have for K Band from 20 mph (1440 Hz) to 140 mph (10,083 Hz). It's a wonderful instrument.
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA. - 5/22/2010

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